Sunday, July 19, 2009

the plan

aL and I face to face. a low round table with a tiny glass of oil between us. wicked on a thread, floating on a three clover shaped cork. why didn’t they make it four?

aL blew her smoke on me, I coughed, she laughed.

"I remember that exhibist near my campus" she said.


"he liked it when his victim scream or scared. but some one has shrunk him and made him gone forever

"oh ya? who? how? "

"I did. I stared at what he showed me. I told him, his penis was ugly, small, and it didn’t attract me at all. the thing shrank. he was ashamed and gone "

aL roared. I was dumbfounded.

"that's what we should do to those crazy people who bombed those hotels," she said again.

"do what...?"

"shrink them"


"show them that the action was stupid and useless," aL put her smoke down to the ashtray.

I just wait. aL has begun to bend her body to me, ready to spoil more advanced sentence.

"I am resentful that SBY was afraid to come to the location right then. with the reason that the location has not been sterilized. even showed us an evidence that he was once a sniper target. "

"that’s normal, right?"

"no it’s not! it is normal that he was a target. come on, he is #1 person in this country. but if he is afraid to be shot, don't show up everywhere. no need to visit here and there, nor open the car window, nor wave his hand to the people awaiting for him along the road. just dwell in the palace. or ride an anti-bomb car.. "

"I think he was just being aware. in normal situations he can move freely. but in this case ... "

"in the situation like now, it IS stupid to shoot the president in the bomb location. too many police. what seem normal and safe is some times actually dangerous "

tension in aL's face started flagging. again she relied. her legs raised, be embraced. eyes closed. and began to speak again, as in the delirious mumble.

"who can convince the world that Indonesia is safe, if not us, the Indonesian? president SBY has been so silly. pretending that he was worried that Manchester United would cancel their visit. but he him self could not ensure that Indonesia is safe. even scared the world by himself did not dare to come to the location of the incident. no wonder if MU finally decided not to come "

" people died aL ... beside, may be our government couldn’t give them security guarantees"

aL revived.

"so what? every one could die anytime, any where. you can not avoid death. if SBY did not come to the location, is there any guarantee that he would be safe anyway? at least don’t make it look worse. that’s the plan. that’s what the terrorists wanted, to scare us. don’t you get it ....?" aL seemed so annoyed.

"are you annoyed because MU canceled their visit?"

"I don’t really care about MU. I am annoyed because SBY has made the terrorist thought they succeeded scaring people"

aL slammed her body again. another brake again. shut up. I thought aL was right.

the news flash in the TV was still about what we were talking about. this time it was an interview with one hotel visitor from South Korea, a designer who was in a visit to Indonesia for a fashion show of his latest designs. he said he was okay and didn’t feel any trauma. shortly after the incident he was still running his mission, to prepare all he has planned. he also planned to come again for his next show, next month.

still in eyes closed, aL pointed right to the TV.

"that’s how it should be. don’t give the suicide bomb a damn. never let the terrorists managed to drop our mental. we should drop theirs. their bomb may blow us, but never let them proud for succeeding frightening us. SBY should be ashamed with that Korean designer "

aL asleep, really asleep. snoring. damn.


for this week's sundayscribblings prompt: the plan

my deepest sympathy to all victims at JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton, Jakarta. and go to hell who ever has blown your selves together with the bomb...


AD said...

nice post :)

well done on the prompt :)

The Bigger Plan

linda may said...

Wow La tree, I was interested to hear your view on the bombings this week as you are from that country. I think you are right that you should not give in to the terrorists.I can't understand what goes on inside their heads.

BJ Roan said...

Well done La tree. I agree with your ending sentiment. I do not understand how terrorists can be so cold blooded.