Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Play

Niar sat in front of Andre, at the same cafe, at the same table where they were going out for the first time five-six months ago. Andre asked her to meet here this afternoon after work.
Andre's face looked strained, or possibly nervous. Niar was no less anxious to see her lover.

"Ni, I want to apologize," Andre started to get into the real conversation.
"For what?"
"All I have said and done"
"What are you talking about Ndre, don't act weird ..."
Andre drank his juice once, "I ... could no longer continue our relationship. "
After saying that Andre looked afar out the window, not daring to look at Niar.
Niar looked at Andre incredulously, "Ndre ... did I hear youwrong ? "
Andre shook his head.
"What have I done?"
"You have done nothing."
"Then why ..."
"I was wrong. All this time. "
"What do you mean?"
Andre drank the juice again, as this conversation has dried his throat.
"Once again, before, I apologize. Because I've actually never really fell in love with you. "
"What? Then why .. "
"I ... I just wanted to know, what it's like going out with another man's wife. "
Andre would shatter his own head to reveal this. He knew Niar would be hit. But he thought better this way than letting things more excessive.
"Ndre ... how could you ... "
"Yeah, I could. I'm evil. I'm cruel. Say what you want. But I can not pretend any longer. I don't want you to feel deeper. My responsibility on how you feel will be bigger then. So ... let's cut this out, now. "
"You ..."
"Sorry. Sorry ... "
Niar's eyes began to glaze. She seemed to want to say something but stuck in the throat.
"I want to thank you for all your affection for me all this time," said Andre, "but ... I guess ... I have to finish my play. I'm sorry. I want you to know that as long as I have been with you ... "
Niar stood and spoiled her tea into Andre's face, "Enough, I don't want to hear ..." Then went away.
Andre rubbed his face. Bend the table.


Niar parked his car in the garage. Her husband's car was not there, so he's not home yet. Raihan greet her once she got out of the car. She embraced her only child, and held out the cake she bought earlier.
Niar couldn't bear to go to her room soon. Raihan followed her around but she softly shoo him away, she wanted to be alone.
"Just a moment, dear. Mama want to change first. Later after that we'll play, ya. Why don't you open the cake while waiting? "
Raihan left.
Niar entered the room and locked the door. Dropped her bag on the floor just like that. Collapsed onto the mattress, take a pillow to cover her head and then laughed loudly.
She's been thinking a way to speak to Andre, to end their love affair. Niar felt Andre loved her more each day, and that would be dangerous. She never thought Andre himself will come with the problem solving, without Niar should feel guilty.
Okay, it's done. Niar hoped Andre will never know, that Niar also just wanted to know, what it's like dating a boy who was 15 years younger than her ...

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